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Charleston Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing which one of our 12 cabinet lines to go with will be a breeze with the guided help of our 20/20 designer, Brittany Feldt. Not being able to visualize your finished kitchen is a problem for most of our clients but which Brittany’s help, you will see your kitchen come to life. She uses a sophisticated program to place your chosen cabinets in your floor plan which generates a 3D perspective for you, the client. The perspective will help you and us determine design flaws before anything is built. This is a complimentary service that we include with your free in-home-estimate. It is very important to us that our client’s new kitchen cabinets not only function to meet all of your needs now but for years to come.

There is no need for a design eye. That’s why we’re here. Charleston, if your kitchen cabinets are failing you, call us. We won’t. For more information please contact us today.