I recently moved into a beautiful 2 bedroom condo. I was amazed by the number of windows and rather high ceilings. It is polar opposite from the cave I’ve been residing in for the past year. It wasn’t until unpacking boxes that I realized the unspeakable. The master bath, which is my only full bathroom, doesn’t have a drawer. Yes, I said it. The bathroom has one functional cabinet and dun, dun, zero drawers. Okay, it gets worse. There isn’t a linen closet or even a space for towels. I have been bamboozled.

If this sounds familiar, fear not. KBB has you covered when it comes to home remodeling in Charleston, SC. We, the designers, will not only beautify your home but make it function for you. You will no longer have to apologize for your bathroom before your guest uses it. Your towels belong in a linen tower not a plastic container that your child decorated with stickers.

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