Hiring and Working with a Kitchen Designer

To design a kitchen involves selecting the right appliances and materials, coming up with a layout, working through electrical configurations and plumbing, among other things. As professional a kitchen designer, we are able to help put these jigsaw pieces together to get you the kitchen you have always wanted. As always, if you are using a couple of hundreds of dollars or more on your kitchen you should never attempt the job alone. Call in the pros because working with a kitchen designer will be worth the effort.

Kitchen DesignerAs you might have guessed, kitchen designers use technology and planning tools as a homeowner you might not have, including access to new trends, technical quirks, building codes and new materials. As a result, our kitchen designing expertise have the qualifications and skills to save you a lot of money, frustration and time, because we know what we are doing and have done it so many times before.

To find a kitchen designer is to expect a great job. Here are things you should expect from any professional kitchen designer, including us.

Our Showroom

It is all about designing your dream kitchen. This is why we welcome you to look at our diverse kitchen cabinet lines such as standard cabinets, semi custom cabinetry to full custom cabinet lines. You have a chance to walk across our showroom with a checklist and asking all kinds of questions, comparing products, checking catalogs, taking notes and getting to know the kitchen designers. As standard practice, we’ll collect all the information we need from you such as project timing, address and contact information and other specific information we might need.

Roles in the Project

As kitchen designers, we are responsible for the design, floor plan, perspective drawings and elevations based on our complete understanding of what you need. As cabinetry experts, we have the knowledge to suggest and recommend wood selections, cabinet doors styles, decorative trims and interior components. We will be in contact with you right from the first meeting until we have installed the last trim piece. You can be sure of a well established relationship between us for a perfectly done kitchen.

Prepare for the First Meeting with the Kitchen Designer

It is important to do some research on your own as you prepare for our first meeting. This way, you can be sure everything will go more than smoothly because you’ll have a good idea of the equipment, floor and appearance you want. You can browse magazines and decorating websites including our gallery and look at the magnetic kitchen design images. Pictures have a way of communicating better than struggling to capture ideas with words.

The Budget

Kitchen RemodelOne of the key things to be satisfied with your design is to understand your budget. Know the cost, the amount you want to spend, and the final expenses to avoid any disconnect between reality and plans. It is important to let your kitchen designer know if you are able to afford high-end finishes and pro-grade appliances to factor them in the scheme of things right from the start.

In case you cannot, let the kitchen designer know before the work begins. We understand miracles might never occur on shoestring budgets but as designers we have the know how and experience to stretch your money as far as possible.

Draft Plans and Time Line

We do not expect to have the job done the first time we meet. It is important that we settle on draft plans and a time line for the job. We must agree on the number of drafts of the entire plan that will be seen prior to parting with your cash and signing a contract. Confirming a time line for the job is important while being flexible enough to note that circumstances occur throwing even the most perfectly orchestrated and well timed jobs off the agreed schedule.

We’ll take you through the measurements prior to giving a quote. Note the room’s dimensions, a very important process, indicating any hallways, small space, windows and doors that will have an impact on the space and it will facilitate our first discussions.

Patience is Important

A great kitchen is never a rush job and might take a bit of time to create and giving it the life it deserves. There are finishes to choose, front end efforts and thinking through the job and many other things. Don’t hasten the contractors since a rushed kitchen design job might turn out the opposite of what you had in mind. No matter how much you want to see your new kitchen or how anxious you are to see the new kitchen working, be patient.

As your kitchen designers, we’ll coordinate installation and let you know the completion date. You can prepare for the construction process by removing all your belongings from the kitchen. While it might be a very stressful period, interrupting your household is unavoidable and your patience and understanding will be worth every effort.

Above all, look at our customer reviews and kitchen designer portfolio as you visit our delectable showroom to view diverse selections of materials and perhaps get some inspiration on a unique kitchen design idea in the process.

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