Remodeling Charleston: The Process

It’s important to know what to expect when starting a remodel. Every remodel is different. A simple countertop installation change is usually started and completed within two weeks. You pick your granite, your contractor reserves it, contractor templates for the granite, couple plumbing changes, demo the old and install the new – done! Some people expect every remodel to go this smoothly. Remodels are not generally smooth! Yes, I admitted it. Certain companies, unlike ours, rely on the client to hire specific contractors. We try to keep our thumb on every aspect. We have contractors for everything from flooring to electrical. We try to make the process quick and painless but it’s not always.

Certain specifics, well most, are out of your contractors hands. For instance, the client chooses a beautiful faucet – here comes the wrench, the faucet is on backorder and won’t arrive for another month unless we take the first flight to Dallas and pick it up. Personally, I hate flying. Sorry Charlie! What’s my point? Don’t fall madly in love with a piece and if you do, keep in mind that that gem might take a month to receive.

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