Kitchen Cabinets in New Construction Homes

Years prior 18% of your budget, when building a home, would be allotted for your cabinetry. However, times have changed and today’s standards are much lower. Your builder may be allotting you as low as 5-7% of your budget for bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Ladies and Gents, this is absurd. Cabinets are the most utilized part of your home and should be well constructed  to last you and your family for the next 30 years.

No joke, we have clients come in weekly who have homes built in the 1980’s with perfectly functioning cabinetry but other clients, who have new construction homes, come in to replace them. Why would someone with a 5 year old home want to replace all of their cabinets? The answer is simple. Today’s builder grade cabinets are not built to last and their not built to be highly functional. They’re built cheaply to fit into that 5% of your budget.


What am I suggesting? I’m suggesting that you do your research. Look at your options. It’s your money, not the builders. Don’t settle on cheap cabinets. Take your 5% and see what a company like ours can offer you for the money. Estimates are always free and they never hurt. You too can be happy with your cabinets 30 years from now.

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