Small Bathroom Renovations: For the Daring

Though small spaces can be a pain there are several ways you can bathroom remodel to add storage and function. There are also a lot of bathroom design tricks to make the space look larger.

Let us start with functional space. Nix the pedestal sink and replace it with a small vanity. We deal Hardware Resources Vanities and they come as narrow as 24”.


Now you have towel and toilet tissue storage! Depending on your layout you might want to add a cabinet above the toilet. Medicine Cabinets are typically 4”-6” deep so they don’t take up much space but add plenty of storage for small bathroom items. Next, take a look at the accessories that brands like Kohler and Moen have to offer. You can easily and inexpensively put in a matching towel ring and a towel bar. These things don’t take up floor space and keep items off of the new vanity counter.

Moving on to the pretty stuff! My mom always warned me of wearing prints with other prints so I associate small prints with being busy but sorry mom, not in a small bathroom. Remember you’re going to have a toilet, vanity and possibly a tub or shower so it’s not much tile. Using a small tile will actually make the space appear larger. I found some great examples at:
Having a 3×6 subway tile on the floor looks great in a small space!

Last tip guys, you need to pick a side. Are you going to have the dark, bold bathroom or the light, monochromatic bathroom? Use materials to make your small space snazzy, whether they’re dark or light. Painting your tiny powder room a chocolate brown is probably not a great idea but painting the walls white and using a chocolate tile and cabinet would look great! Don’t let your paint fan-deck steer you. Paint in inexpensive and can be changed quickly. If you’re going to be bold, be bold with your material selection. If you get in a rut, give us a call for help with bathroom design ideas!

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