The Fun Stuff: How to Choose Materials

Most clients’ favorite part of the design & renovation is choosing their materials. It’s your opportunity to really customize your space and make it your own. Everyone has different taste and every client needs a different amount of time to make their choice. I have seen material selections takes minutes, hours and even days. It’s [...]

Kitchen Cabinets in New Construction Homes

Years prior 18% of your budget, when building a home, would be allotted for your cabinetry. However, times have changed and today’s standards are much lower. Your builder may be allotting you as low as 5-7% of your budget for bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Ladies and Gents, this is absurd. Cabinets are the most utilized [...]

MDF VS All Plywood Construction Cabinets Part 3 of 3

I’m going to wrap this series up with some cabinet construction knowledge. We always tell our customers that our cabinets are “all plywood construction” but some may not know just what this means. Popular “big box stores” carry MDF construction cabinets. They’re less expensive than plywood construction and seem fair enough when looking at them [...]

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Contractors will make you or break you. I’d like to share a few tips on hiring a good one!

1) Check references and reviews. A lot of people don’t realize that Angie’s List is free for contractors to use. Any contractor can post his services on their list but the reviews are what count. Only paying members can post reviews so they are very accurate. 2) A contractor scheduling your job a week after [...]