Countertops: Options and Prices

Without a doubt remodeling different areas of your home and giving them a facelift can be perfectly enhanced with the best, professionally done countertops for that unique central look you have been searching for. The options are also diverse, such as granite and marble including Silestone Quartz. Of importance is that there are countertops for [...]

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Remodeling Charleston: The Process

It’s important to know what to expect when starting a remodel. Every remodel is different. A simple countertop installation change is usually started and completed within two weeks. You pick your granite, your contractor reserves it, contractor templates for the granite, couple plumbing changes, demo the old and install the new – done! Some people expect [...]

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Engineered Hardwoods VS. Solid Hardwoods: Part 2 of 3

When deciding what comparables to use for Part 2 I again thought about frequently asked questions. Customers usually come into the showroom with the idea of replacing their flooring but not knowing what direction to take. Flooring choices seem endless but we will focus on two. Engineered Hardwoods are extremely popular right now and all [...]

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Marble vs Granite vs Quartz: Part 1 of 3

Clients are always asking us to compare materials so it makes perfect sense to do a three-part series comparing sought-after materials. We want our blog to be a reference for all clients so I hope you all find this helpful. Marble (Good): Marble is a natural stone that we use quite a bit for flooring [...]

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Beyond the fabulous kitchens and baths we design we also cater to those who need custom desks, closets, built-ins, laundry rooms and more. We also take service calls like electrical and plumbing. We have contractors and installers to meet all of your needs. "Beyond" to us means meeting each clients needs whether it be as small as replacing the [...]