Charleston Kitchen Cabinets

Charleston, Kitchen cabinets are either friend or foe. There is no middle ground. They either work for you or against you. Sometimes they’re too high so a step stool clutters your hallway. Sometimes they’re too narrow so you might have that one cabinet just for Saltines. What a waste. Sometimes they’re too deep so you [...]

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where families gather for breakfast, birthday candles are blown out, car keys are lost and meals are burnt. With the help of KBB your kitchen can work with your family's everyday needs, not against them. We do everything from new construction to remodels and when I [...]


Beyond the fabulous kitchens and baths we design we also cater to those who need custom desks, closets, built-ins, laundry rooms and more. We also take service calls like electrical and plumbing. We have contractors and installers to meet all of your needs. "Beyond" to us means meeting each clients needs whether it be as small as replacing the [...]


I recently moved into a beautiful 2 bedroom condo. I was amazed by the number of windows and rather high ceilings. It is polar opposite from the cave I’ve been residing in for the past year. It wasn’t until unpacking boxes that I realized the unspeakable. The master bath, which is my only full bathroom, [...]

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Bathroom Remodeling Charleston

We specialize in bathroom design & remodeling in the Charleston area. With 12 cabinet lines to choose from, we are sure to select the perfect ones for your home. We offer full-extension, soft close stock cabinets as well as custom cabinetry. We have hundreds of accessories such as: Lazy Susans, trays and pull-outs to utilize [...]

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