Laundry Sm-aundry

Let’s talk about laundry rooms. We fix them.

I have written about my kitchen before. It’s a poor excuse but my laundry room, well it simply doesn’t exist. I have a laundry closet with a stackable washer and dryer. I fold my towels on my bed and when I’m done, I put them on a shelf! No, I don’t have a linen closet either. You get resourceful when you’re working with small confines. My neighbors have three children and they live in the exact same layout that I have. I often wonder how she manages to do laundry for a family of five in that tiny closet. I wish we had this.a

This is a wonderfully functional laundry room that we redesigned and installed. I think I’d find myself more excited about the weekly chore. Oh to have beautiful cabinets hiding my detergent and bleach! Perhaps a sink to wash those items that you accidently buy before realizing that “hand wash only” tag. I hate those. Does anyone else wash those on delicate and cross their fingers? Is that just me? My favorite part about having a remodeled a laundry room would have to be the counter space. No more lugging 57lbs of towels to my bed and getting fuzzies all over my sheets! Call us, we’ll fix your laundry room faster than you can say, “wash your own shorts”!!

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