MDF VS All Plywood Construction Cabinets Part 3 of 3

I’m going to wrap this series up with some cabinet construction knowledge. We always tell our customers that our cabinets are “all plywood construction” but some may not know just what this means. Popular “big box stores” carry MDF construction cabinets. They’re less expensive than plywood construction and seem fair enough when looking at them aesthetically. However, that shiny white veneer hides the true colors of MDF.

MDF is used by many furniture manufacturers like Ikea. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea but no one buys a piece from their expecting it to last a lifetime. We love Ikea because their things are pretty and less expensive. We might go this route with a kitchen table for our growing family but when it comes to cabinets, it’s important to spend your dollars wisely. You want to invest in cabinets and spending a few more dollars will certainly be worth it 15 years down the road. MDF also weighs a lot more than plywood which is not great for the cabinet glides. Another huge downfall is MDF is easily damaged when wet, it will expand and balloon out. Where do we have cabinets? Wet areas. MDF will start to produce an odor if it gets wet and this odor is almost impossible to get rid of. Plywood has a much fresher smell and is much easier to repair if it is damaged. Plywood also hold screws, nails and dowels better which is particularly important when considering it’s holding up your iron pots and pans.

I’m not totally knocking MDF. It is great for cabinet doors and won’t have lines with wood doors when painted. Remember, the doors aren’t load barring, the construction is.

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