Remodeling Charleston: The Tips

Here’s a few tips to keep you sane during your remodel:

1) Don’t decide in June that you want your install in July. The summers are the busiest time of year for remodels. Also, companies schedule out on a first come first serve basis so get in there as soon as possible. The ordering/receiving process is a long one. It takes time ladies and gents!
2) Don’t be afraid to get a few estimates. Estimates are usually free (they are here) and helpful when deciding what you want and who you want to do it.
3) Don’t fall in love with anything until it’s ordered. Once you find it’s discontinued, you’ll want nothing else. I see it all the time.
4) Don’t shoot the messenger. The messenger is only trying to help you. I do a lot of relaying information. I relay from the dealer to the contractor to the client and back again. Like the title suggests, remodels are a process!
5) Try to enjoy it! You worked hard earning the funds to invest in your home and you deserve the best! Long – deep – breathes!

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