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Remodeling Charleston: The Process

It’s important to know what to expect when starting a remodel. Every remodel is different. A simple countertop installation change is usually started and completed within two weeks. You pick your granite, your contractor reserves it, contractor templates for the granite, couple plumbing changes, demo the old and install the new – done! Some people expect [...]

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MDF VS All Plywood Construction Cabinets Part 3 of 3

I’m going to wrap this series up with some cabinet construction knowledge. We always tell our customers that our cabinets are “all plywood construction” but some may not know just what this means. Popular “big box stores” carry MDF construction cabinets. They’re less expensive than plywood construction and seem fair enough when looking at them [...]

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Engineered Hardwoods VS. Solid Hardwoods: Part 2 of 3

When deciding what comparables to use for Part 2 I again thought about frequently asked questions. Customers usually come into the showroom with the idea of replacing their flooring but not knowing what direction to take. Flooring choices seem endless but we will focus on two. Engineered Hardwoods are extremely popular right now and all [...]

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Contractors will make you or break you. I’d like to share a few tips on hiring a good one!

1) Check references and reviews. A lot of people don’t realize that Angie’s List is free for contractors to use. Any contractor can post his services on their list but the reviews are what count. Only paying members can post reviews so they are very accurate. 2) A contractor scheduling your job a week after [...]

Charleston Kitchen Cabinets

Charleston, Kitchen cabinets are either friend or foe. There is no middle ground. They either work for you or against you. Sometimes they’re too high so a step stool clutters your hallway. Sometimes they’re too narrow so you might have that one cabinet just for Saltines. What a waste. Sometimes they’re too deep so you [...]

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where families gather for breakfast, birthday candles are blown out, car keys are lost and meals are burnt. With the help of KBB your kitchen can work with your family's everyday needs, not against them. We do everything from new construction to remodels and when I [...]